New Day

new day

new path, strewn with bright shiny objects

distractions discarded by fellow travelers

or perhaps it was I who dropped them

the first time I wandered

this way


This poem was written in response to the Day 1 prompt in the Poetic Asides November, 2017 PAD challenge.





More Than Blue

Skies of blue, whys of blue
Seas of blue, seized by blue
Living the blues, singing the blues,
Preaching the Blues, Tell It
Like It Is, Stormy


This was written in response to Twiglet #43 from Misky this morning.

in the cards

Right before class, each opened the box,
Two sets of cards, ten in all,
identical tools of the trade.
A new life of detail and form,
pluses and minuses. Clinical
judgment an elusive key.

Card number two, clowns perhaps,
clapping, dancing, touching
knees and palms, but always
guarding the space between them,
the space they made, together
and apart.

Two sets of cards, two
separate careers, shared
but confidential. Clowns
mirroring one another,
locked in their dance, always
together, yet ever apart.


This prompt from Miz Quickly brought back memories of my days in graduate school where I met my husband in a School Psychology program. We did have sets of Rorschach cards in our house, although we didn’t use them much. This reminder of card number two set me thinking about our own relationship as spouses with similar career paths. Hmmm.



Just Desserts

Picture, if you will, God as a baker,
a careful baker who weighs and measures,
Recipe requirements at the ready.
Baking, a science; precision, its essence.

The proportion of ingredients is key, weighed
in the balance.
Not a pinch of this and a dash of that.
Too much flour, too little salt, excess sugar —

Still, an apple pie must have apples.
juicy, crisp, with unexpected sweetness
and now God remembers that
only Eve knows the tree.


This poem was written in response to Miz Quickly’s 9/14 prompt asking us whether we get what we deserve, or perhaps deserve what we get. I kept picturing a God who weighs our acts in the balance and then determines the consequences.