More Than Blue

Skies of blue, whys of blue
Seas of blue, seized by blue
Living the blues, singing the blues,
Preaching the Blues, Tell It
Like It Is, Stormy


This was written in response to Twiglet #43 from Misky this morning.

11 thoughts on “More Than Blue

    1. Me too. There’s a great edX MOOC course on jazz that I took a couple of years ago. I appreciate it even more now. Funny that all my ideas went to jazz standards: Am I Blue, Mood Indigo, ‘Round Midnight and then I remembered to look up some Blues to fit the theme. Love the blues too. Thanks for the link!

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      1. I like most music. But the modern stuff…80’s and beyond kind of stumps me a tad.
        I mainly listen to the Oldies station. Being a misfit of the 1960’s that I am.

        Jazz standards the ultimate blues?


      2. I love, love, love the 80’s although I thought I’d never **not** be a child of the 60’s. 80’s was the music my kids grew up with and it was on in the car and at home a lot. I find it my favorite, although late 50’s through the 60’s also have a place in my heart. Just for starters on something recent, Adele?


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